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About  Founder

About Founder

About our Founder

Aditya Prakash

With a single-minded vision to excel in whatever we do, Aditya Prakash leads the Aditya Group from the front. Displaying and instilling a strong sense of commitment and customer centric approach among every employee, Aditya Prakash has ensured the company speaks an unified language – Excellence.

Aditya Prakash is not only an astute entrepreneur and a business with sharp acumen, he is also a philanthropist who reaches out to lend a helping hand to the needy. Having been a journalist and a writer himself for over 3 decades, Mr. Prakash authors his works under the pseudonym, Swananda. He has so far written 107 books with one of them winning the state awards for child literature.

With the little time that he finds from the rigmaroles of a dynamic leader, he likes to spend time with his family, yoga and cricket.

Aditya Prakash has been awarded as the best child author by the Karnataka State Science forum for his books in Kannada.